Writer, you are not alone: visiting FantasyCon

Last weekend I was in Scarborough at the British Fantasy Society’s FantasyCon. I travelled up from Kent with fellow writer Danny Rhodes, who’s had horror stories published in Black Static and Cemetery Dance, but is also an acclaimed contemporary novelist (his novel Fan about the Hillsborough disaster is wonderful).

It was quite a trek up north, but I was quite impressed by Scarborough. Very nice seaside town. And the convention itself,  held at the Grand Hotel, was brilliant.

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The Rules of Writing

Somerset Maugham

On November 14 I’ll be taking part in a discussion at Whitstable Library in Kent. The event is a fund-raiser for a fantastic new literary festival¬† called WhitLit, to be held May 9-11, 2014. I’m very excited.

However, on November 14 at the fund-raiser, it’ll be me, Peggy Riley (author of the wonderful Amity & Sorrow), and Linda M. James (A Fatal Facade) and we will be discussing author Somerset Maugham’s famous declaration that “there are three rules for writing a novel but nobody knows what they are”.

Maugham, who died in 1965, was a playwright, novelist and short story writer. After his parents died, he was sent to be cared for by his uncle, who was Vicar of Whitstable. His best known work is probably Of Human Bondage.

Anyway, the three of us will be discussing Maugham’s assertion. Tickets are ¬£5. They are available here, at the WhitLit website. Perhaps see you there.