KardinalCoverThe tagline: The end of humanity is here.

The story: In the final, explosive part of Emson’s Vampire Trinity, the vampires are rising again, and humanity is on the brink. In Britain, the undead’s allies are close to victory in a general election. In Iraq, they search for the god of vampires with the intention of unleashing it on the world. There is only one hope:
Jake Lawton…
But badly wounded and fearing he is infected with vampire blood, Lawton is haunted by visions and dreams. They lead him to the lair of a demon with whom he must forge an alliance if he is to save his friends, his country, and his species…

The critics: Fantastic end to one of the best vampire series available. Bloody, fast paced and tense.
Graeme Reynolds, author of High Moor and High Moor 2: Moonstruck