The tagline: If books could kill…

The story: Angry at rejection, would-be novelist Karen Davies one night excavates all of her fury and unleashes it on the page—creating a best-selling monster.

And Ironbones is a huge hit with readers.

But success breeds envy. Reviewers rail against her slasher fiction. Snobs sneer at her purple prose. The god-fearing gnash their teeth at the pageant of violence Karen has devised.

But her imagination, however, has also conjured up the paranormal killer for real.

And soon, the supernatural psycho begins a campaign of bloody terror against those who dare stand against his creator’s work.

The more Karen writes, the more bodies pile up…

Amazon reviews

“Ironbones had me hooked from the first page, could not put it down once I started reading!” — Alicia

“Unputdownable slasher horror” — Cherise Isabella

“Hits like a really enjoyable freight train!” — Books Read Here

“Scary good piece of work!” — Paul DeBlassie III

“Gripping, Netflixian storytelling. I tore through it” — Danmanuk

“The action never stops. The pace and the horror are relentless” — Chris Lofts

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