krimsonhiresThe tagline: Your rivers will run red…

The story: In the thrilling sequel to Skarlet, and the second part of The Vampire Trinity, the vampires are rising again.
A corruption lies at the very heart of government. The Nebuchadnezzers, vampires’ ancient human allies, are conspiring to put one of their own in the most powerful position within the British establishment… the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. And once at the helm, they will close Britain’s borders and turn it into an island of vampires. Only a disgraced soldiers, an ex-drug dealer, a young Chinese immigrant, and a frightened boy can stop what seems like certain doom for the entire country.

The critics: Style-wise, this is a thriller. Emson doesn’t hold back. The story blasts off the first page and never stops for breath. The prose is as stripped back as ever, so sharp that you might very well cut your fingers while reading. There’s even more of a cinematic quality than before; you can practically hear the swelling strings as you read, tension building to crescendo in true Hollywood blockbuster style. Like its predecessor, Krimson is a cracking read. If you like your vamps dirty and sparkle-free, and your writing pulpy, Emson will see you right.
Wayne Simmons, author of Flu and Fever