My chimp brain is overloaded

If you’ve read The Chimp Paradox by Steve Peters, you’ll get this title… It’s a mind management program designed by the guy who helped British cyclists become the best in the world. Anyway, it just gives you tools to better understand, and maybe control, that “I’m-losing-my-shit” part of your brain. I’m actually losing my shit right now over another chimp, MailChimp. Trying to set up a “subscribe” button on my website, and it’s just so mind-boggling. I think there’s a disconnect between people who work in tech and normal human beings. They think they’re being simple, but still use words like “integrated”. I don’t know what that means. So I’ve sort of set up something on my front page, and I’m giving away a free story, but there problem is – and I’m testing it – I’m not getting follow up emails as I’d requested when designing the form in MailChimp. My brain hurts so bad. So if you happen to subscribe (or attempt to), and you don’t get confirmation emails, and the email with the link to the free stor, email me, please, and I’ll send it to you.